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FlyAshDirect, a service of Waste Management, creates byproduct utilization opportunities for the power generation industry by developing markets for fly ash and synthetic gypsum resources. We serve the needs of coal-fired power plants and the building products industry by developing reliable markets for fly ash and other valuable coal combustion by-products (CCPs).

With the financial and technical resources to provide customized CCP management options, WM focuses its efforts and services towards transforming vast industrial resources into revenue generating assets. Since 1989, we have developed markets throughout the U.S. to beneficially market millions of tons of CCPs.

FlyAshDirect's patented technologies like CarbonBlocker® are helping coal-powered electricity plants effectively manage carbon-impacted fly ash with minimal costs and no plant interruptions – enabling both natural carbon and PAC treated fly ash to be successfully utilized in concrete product applications.

Our AgroSoil® product division, a WM branded Fluidized Gas Desulfurization (FGD) product line, brings the benefits of FGD Gypsum to the farming industry and is successfully utilized in agricultural applications throughout the country.

For more information on FlyAshDirect and Waste Management industrial services, or to learn how you can use fly ash and other CCPs to improve the quality and economy of your products, contact us today.

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