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AgroSoil provides both chemical and physical benefits when used as a soil amendment.

AgroSoil® chemical benefits include:

  • Supplying plants with essential calcium (Ca) and sulfur (S).
  • Decreasing aluminum (Al) toxicity.
  • Reducing subsoil chemical restrictions on rooting depth.
  • Increasing water extraction from subsoil layers.

AgroSoil® physical benefits include:

  • Promoting clay flocculation and soil aggregation.
  • Increasing water infiltration by reducing soil crusting.
  • Improving soil aeration.
  • Reducing soil bulk density.

Why You Should Choose AgroSoil®

AgroSoil® is your cost-effective solution for enhancing both the size and quality of your crop yield. A synthetic product, AgroSoil® is actually purer than naturally mined gypsum, offering nearly consistent silt-sized particles. It is lower in heavy metals than the soil it is applied to and, like naturally occurring gypsum, is high in both calcium and sulfur.

With the regular use of AgroSoil®, you will:

Improve Soil Tilth
Compared to most other calcium-rich soil amendments, such as limestone, AgroSoil® is relatively soluble in water. As a result, calcium and sulfate ions release quickly into the soil solution. The supply of dissolved salt and calcium ions reduces soil crusting and benefits the soil structure.

Improve Nitrogen Uptake
AgroSoil® improves water and nutrient uptake from subsurface soil layers. Because of its natural high sulfur content, nitrogen uptake is also improved. This may reduce your need to add more nitrogen.

Reduce Soil Erosion
Dispersion of clays at the surface can clog surface pores and promote sealing. AgroSoil® increases electrolyte concentration of water at soil's surface, promoting clay flocculation and inhibiting this sealing effect. This, in turn, increases water infiltration rates and reduces soil loss.

Improve Water Infiltration
As described above, AgroSoil® reduces soil crust formation and promotes better overall soil structure development so water can better percolate through the soil.

Improve Root Penetration
Acidic subsoil contains high levels of aluminum (Al) and low levels of calcium (Ca). Because high levels of aluminum are toxic to plants, acidic subsoils often forms a barrier that inhibits deep root penetration. Using a large amount of lime to correct this problem usually changes soil pH to the point where other nutrients become locked up and are unavailable to the plants. AgroSoil® adds the required calcium to the soil without changing the pH.

Enhance Your Long-Term Crop Yield & Quality
Applying AgroSoil® to ameliorate acidic subsoil often increases crop yield and value. One application can be effective for several years.

In Ohio, the state's Environmental Protection Agency permits AgroSoil® for use as a fertilizer. The Ohio Department of Agriculture monitors AgroSoil® for calcium (Ca) and sulfur (S) content.

More About Synthetic Gypsum

Synthetic gypsum is also known as FGD gypsum because it's produced as a by-product of the fluidized gas desulfurization (FGD) process used at many coal-fired power plants. The benefits of FGD gypsum have been studied and documented by numerous universities and other independent research organizations. Learn more about the benefits of FGD gypsum here:

For more information, or to learn how you can order AgroSoil® for use on your farm, contact us at (866) 871-9733.

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