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Fly ash production in the United States exceeds 131 million tons annually with only about 43% beneficially utilized, leaving nearly 75 million tons of fly ash for disposal. The most significant factor that negatively affects fly ash utilization is unburned carbon.

Much of the fly ash your coal-fired power plant produces likely contains high amounts of unburned carbon, or even added powdered activated carbon (PAC) used for mercury mitigation. This residue can make fly ash unsuitable for recycling as a construction material additive.

FlyAshDirect has developed Carbon Blocker®, a patented chemical treatment process that makes most fly ash suitable for concrete product applications, regardless of carbon content. The treatment process allows desired levels of air entrainment to be achieved in concrete products applications, so the concrete producer can utilize fly ash with higher percentages of carbon - without any negative side affects.

Carbon Blocker® works on a broad range of fly ashes, and even those with elevated levels of carbon and containing powdered activated carbon (PAC). It can be easily installed and operated at your power plants with only minor modification to your current fly ash unloading systems, and minimal disruption to your current operations.

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FlyAshDirect currently has Carbon Blocker® treatment systems operating successfully at the following power plants:

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