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As a building products company, you need a reliable source of high-grade coal combustion by-products (CCPs) as ingredients for your concrete, flowable fill and other products. We work directly with dozens of coal-burning energy producers across the United States to acquire CCPs you can reutilize in a variety of high-grade construction materials.

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  • Fly Ash – More than 60 percent of CCP production is fly ash. Modern energy plants capture these fine particulates in electrostatic precipitators or fabric filter bag houses to prevent their release from smokestacks into the atmosphere. You can use fly ash in concrete production.
  • Bottom Ash – Bottom ash is coarser than fly ash and is similar in texture to sand or gravel. Use bottom ash as an aggregate in concrete and asphalt applications, granular base in pavements, and in engineered embankments and fills.
  • Boiler Slag – Boiler slag is a coarse, black, angular and glassy material. Use boiler slag for blasting grit, roofing shingles, snow and ice control, etc.
  • Synthetic Gypsum – Synthetic gypsum is produced when electric utilities “scrub” gasses from their plant stacks. This fluid gas desulfurization (FGD) process uses calcium carbonate or calcium oxide to remove sulfur dioxide gas from the coal combustion process. FGD results in the creation of a by-product called synthetic gypsum, which is often used in wallboard manufacturing and for agricultural soil improvement.
  • Bulk Storage Rental - We offer a variety of portable storage containers to store your fly ash or other CCPs on site until you're ready to use them. Our containers are safe, secure and meet or exceed all DOT and EPA standards.

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