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As a generator of coal-fueled energy, you naturally produce fly ash, bottom ash, boiler slag and other coal combustion by-products (CCPs). You must not only manage the handling and storage of these CCPs, but find ways to remove them safely, responsibly and at the lowest possible cost.

By partnering with FlyAshDirect, you can turn this potential liability into a valuable asset. We have extensive relationships with markets that use CCPs as ingredients in a variety of construction materials. Instead of disposing of your CCPs, they can become assets that provide you steady income.

Contact FlyAshDirect today for information on:

  • CCP Recycling. Instead of disposing of your fly ash and other CCPs, we can effectively market these by-products and connect you with end-users that allow for the recycling and re-utilization of them as ingredients in a variety of building products and construction materials. You will enjoy a predictable income stream while helping divert these by-products from local landfills, thus supporting environmental sustainability.
  • Fly Ash Treatment. Most of the fly ash you produce contains a high percentage of unburned natural carbon or even powdered activated carbon (PAC) used for mercury mitigation. This greatly limits its value and can make the fly ash unusable, especially in cementation applications. To address this problem, FlyAshDirect has developed Carbon Blocker®, a chemical treatment process that allows end-users to utilize your carbon-rich fly ash without the negative side effects. This innovative process can be easily installed and operated at your power plant with minimal disruption to your operations.
  • CCP Disposal. Even with the most advanced treatments, some of your CCPs may not be recycled. This unusable material must be separated and transported to local landfills for long-term disposal. Operating the largest network of industrial disposal facilities in North America, Waste Management can design a CCP disposal program for you that is secure, cost-effective and in full compliance with all state and federal environmental regulations.

Recycling your high-grade CCPs through FlyAshDirect offers you many benefits, including:

  • Reducing disposal costs and converting your CCPs into a revenue stream.
  • Diverting CCPs from on-site landfills & extending landfill life.
  • Helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reducing demand for other natural or manufactured materials.

For more information on FlyAshDirect and Waste Management industrial disposal services, contact us today.

Learn how we turn fly ash into revenue.

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